Art and Environment

Our mission at SENSRI is to develop research and education that is based on the activity in nature, not just outer physical aspects. One obvious manifestation of this activity is what we perceive as the world of material objects, but there are other perceptions of our world that we also can experience. This involves learning new ways of perceiving, freeing our selves from fixed and static concepts, and applying new approaches to experiencing our world.

In this work we find we have much in common with artists who also seek to free themselves from conventional viewpoints, to see our world in new ways. On this part of our web site SENSRI invites you to experience the perspectives of certain artists whose work demonstrates new ways of seeing the world.

Featured here are paintings by Fredericka Foster and Laura Kirchner, and photographs by John Daido Loori. Fredericka perceives and paints water in a way that is true to its nature as activity and being, rather than only substance and form. Laura's work refelcts her ability to break down patterns of light, rhythm, and the duality of mind and nature. Daido Loori's photographs capture experiences of water that transcend the ordinary and reveal some of its inner activities and true nature.

We hope you enjoy this art. But we also hope you will study them, and take some time to observe natural water movements, and recognize how these artists have been able to capture something of the essence of water's activity.