SENSRI Mission

A New Science Integrating Humanity and the Environment

Real Hope, Real Change (download PDF)
A recent essay by Michael D'Aleo about how to meet the future by developing a practice of experiencing the present.

SENSRI's mission is to promote research, education and the exchange of ideas growing out of science based on human perception and experience. By developing new and deeper capacities of sensing and thinking we create a scientific understanding resulting in creative environmental technology, in harmony with nature, meeting human needs.

SENSRI develops practical solutions to questions of science, technology and the environment starting from an understanding of human perception and experience. Our work aims to develop experience-based methods of cognition so that we may more fully understand and take responsibility for the relationships that exist between our sensory impressions and our ideas about the world we live in. We also seek to develop phenomenological methods of scientific investigation to better understand the natural world and technological solutions to some of society's most challenging environmental problems. Finally, SENSRI develops and provides educational programs for adult learners, scientists, practicing teachers, graduate students, and high school students.

SENSRI is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.