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SENSRI Summer 2017 Courses

On the Nature of Perception

Sunday Evening July 30th through Friday noon August 4th; Keene Valley, NY

The focus of this one week summer course will be to deepen and strengthen our ability to experience life more consciously. Through a series of experiences, both in the natural world and with others, participants will develop and strengthen their ability to "make sense" of their surroundings and present set of circumstances. The ability to become rejuvenated, centered and focused in the natural world is commonly experienced. We will take the practices of the week into our personal life, our work and the experiences of our everyday lives.
The daily rhythm will consist of morning presentations and experiential exercises in the natural world. The afternoon will consist of short excursions to strong natural environments where we will practice some of the techniques we learn in the mornings and then allow for time for discussion. There will also be a couple of hours each day for general relaxation and an outbreath from the rest of the days experiences.
Course Fee: $575 before April 15th, $675 after April 15th.

On the Nature of Perception 2017 Registration Form

Metal Workshop Intensive - Hand Forged Jewelry in Copper and Silver

Begins 9AM Saturday August 5th through Sunday at 4 PM August 6th. ; Keene Valley, NY.

This two day workshop intensive will create the opportunity to discover or deepen you relationship to cooper and silver work combined with setting semiprecious stones. Craft bracelets, pendants and rings using traditional techniques with simple tools but producing beautiful hand crafted pieces. Most people can crate at least two larger pieces during this time and more if the projects are smaller.
Course Fee: $175 before April 15th, $225 after April 15th .
Note - a separate supply fee for actual materials used will also be collected ranging from $30 for working only in copper and small stones to a higher fee for larger stones and silver.

Metal Workshop 2017 Registration Form

Location: Set in the Heart of the Adirondack High Peak Region, the course will take place at the newly renovated barn and mountainside cabin that houses much of Michaels' work. Located in the picturesque town of Keene Valley, NY, nature and some of the most vibrant wilderness is truly out the backdoor. Opportunities for hiking, walking, swimming or simple relaxing are always present.

Food: Whenever possible all of the food is local, organic or biodynamically grown, some of it on the property or neighboring farms. It is prepared fresh daily and various dietary needs can be accommodated including vegetarian, gluten -free etc.

Transportation: Keene Valley, NY is accessible by both car and a daily bus service. The nearest airport is in Albany NY (ALB) which is served my many major airlines. A daily bus leaves the airport early in the afternoon and arrives in Keene Valley about 5 PM.

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Courses (for public lectures see below)

An Approach to Biochemistry in Waldorf Education

Tentatively April 30 - May 4, 2014; Keene Valley, NY

In the Waldorf School, the 12th grade block in biochemistry is as challenging to teach as it is rich in potential rewards. Historically, this block has been amongst the most difficult to grasp and also presents a challenge to synthesize sufficient content into an integrated and unified block. Over the course of a week, we will investigate the original intentions laid out for this block, a possible approach, and some very specific examples that model what could be done in a class.

The daily rhythm will consist of two morning sessions, where, through presentations and readings, the possibility of seeing the relationships between an organism and its surroundings is apparent, right down into its particular biochemistry. The afternoons offer time for artistic activity in metal working and wood, as well as opportunities to experience directly the powerful forces of the natural world in this area. There will also be firsthand opportunities to observe some of the animals we study in the morning in their natural environment.

Interested participants are encouraged to register early to insure a place in the course and with housing options that suit their needs. For a registration form e-mail

Teaching Sensible Science

Toronto Waldorf School; Toronto, ON
June 18 - 24, 2014
November 6 - 11, 2014
February 12 - 18, 2015

For more information and to register visit the Education page of this website.

Coming Back to our Senses

June 29 - July 4, 2014; Keene Valley, NY

A retreat for Waldorf Early Childhood teachers with Michael D'Aleo, Sigrid D'Aleo and Helle Heckman. Come reconnect to yourself, your work, and the natural world by re-igniting your senses. By developing a deeper understanding of the relationship of the self to the natural world, we will re-discover life forces that usually remain as only childhood memories. The week included morning meditation with Michael D'Aleo, morning session with Sigrid D'Aleo and Helle Heckman, social eurythmy, copper jewelry making, excursions in nature and evening activities. For more information and to register e-mail

Astronomy: Humanities Conversation with the Cosmos

July 28 - August 1, 2014; Keene Valley, NY

Properly understood, astronomy brings consciousness to how we live our everyday life while simultaneously giving us a clear picture of the most subtle aspects of human existence. The secrets of the cosmos can be found if you know where and how to look. We will integrate our direct observations with the wisdom of ancient cultures, historical views, modern physics and precise geometrical relationships. The afternoons and nights will allow time for astronomical observations and time for daily experiences in nature. The late afternoon will also allow an opportunity to learn and practice metalwork. For more information and to register e-mail

Tripod Mountain Institute

August 3 - October 17, 2014; Keene Valley, NY

For more information about Tripod Mountain Institute e-mail

For more general information about our education programs, see Education on our web site.


The Unfolding Science

January 10, 2014 - Public Lecture 7:00pm - Rudolf Steiner School; Great Barrington, MA

Developing a Living Thinking

January 27, 2014 - Public Lecture 6:30pm - Brooklyn Waldorf School; Brooklyn, NY

From Playing in Fields to the Higgs Field of Modern Physics

January 31, 2014 - Public Lecture 8:45am - Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs - Early Childhood Center; Saratoga Springs, NY

Middle School Science: How Waldorf prepares students to excel in science

February 5, 2014 - Public Lecture 7:00om - Three Ceders Waldorf School; Bellevue, WA

From Playing in Fields to the Higgs Field of Modern Physics

February 6, 2014 - Public Lecture 7:00om - Seattle Waldorf School; Seattle, WA

Awakening to an Understanding of Electromagnetics in the Human Being

February 12, 2014 - Public Lecture 7:00om -Portland, OR

Developing Living Thinking

February 15 - 17, 2014 - Keynote speaker and workshop presenter - AWSNA Regional Conference; Honolulu, HI

Living Thinking: Key to overcoming an object based world conception

February 22,, 2014 - Public Lecture 7:30om - LA Anthroposophical Branch; Los Angeles, CA

Projective Geometry Course

February 15-17, 2012 Eurythmy School Spring Valley, NY

Interrelationship of Conception and Perception

February 18-22, 2012 Keene Valley, NY

A course open to those who have participated in a course with Michael before and are interested in furthering their exploration of these ideas in their daily or professional work.

Straight from the Heart(land): Building Regenerative Communities

February 23rd- 25th 2012, Great Lakes AWSNA Regional Conference Minneapolis, MN

Keynote addresses given by Michael D'Aleo

South East AWSNA Regional Conference

March 16th and 17th 2012 Atlanta, GA

Keynote addresses given by Michael D'Aleo

Gateways Conference

April 20th and 21st 2012 Calgary, SK

Keynote addresses and workshops given by Michael D'Aleo

Teaching Sensible Science Advanced Course

August 6th - 10th 2012 tentative dates Keene valley, NY

A course designed for those who have previously completed the teaching Sensible Science Course and want to renew/further their work.

"Living Sensibly Through Living Thinking"

August 12th - 17th and August 19th-24th 2012 Keene valley, NY

Living Sensibly through Living Thinking-- The clear aim of this course is to help participants develop a deeper insight into ourselves, our world and the inseparable intimate interrelationships that exist between them. The course will consist of a balance of experiential exercises, readings, presentations, discussions and activities. The morning contains a more inward, thoughtful, focus while the afternoons are spent experiencing the rich sense impressions of the natural world and honing skills in craftsmanship and daily work. This course takes place in the beautiful natural setting of Keene Valley in the heart of the High Peak Region of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. This year the course will consist of two parts.

Week 1: August 12th - 17th Exploring the foundations of human experience in both its inner and outer aspects.

Week 2: August 19th - 24th Developing the means for deeper connections in our daily life and the means for retaining this beyond the timeframe of this course.

Cost : In order to assist making the program accessible, a sliding scale of $500- $250 per week is suggested. To register or for more information email Michael D'Aleo at:

Water, Energy and Changes in the Climate: Outer and Inner Manifestations of Environmental Problems and Solutions A one-week intensive course July 5 - 11 at Stonehill College, Easton, MA
(part of the RSI summer program on Social, Cultural and Ecological Renewal)

Taught by Michael D'Aleo accompanied by artist and social sculptor Laura Summer

Each one of us regularly hears stories about environmental destruction in the daily news. We long to do something about these problems but often feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is reported. Most of us find ourselves accepting the stories as reported and we feel ourselves ill prepared to deal with both the outer and inner issues that arise from such a startling and often bleak picture.

The course will offer three approaches to help establish a renewed and healthier relationship between our self and our environment. The first morning sessions will focus on helping ourselves to reconnect to the foundation for knowing the world: the relationship between the sensory and conceptual elements of our experiences. This activity will help us to breakthrough the limited view that we are encouraged to accept by many elements of our modern western culture. The second set of sessions will involve an investigation of some of the contemporary environmental issues: what is really happening, what needs to be done and what aspects do we need to be less concerned with. The third aspect of the course will consist of a group artistic activity in the sculptural arts.

Click here for more information

Water, Energy and Changes in the Climate: Outer and Inner Manifestations of Environmental Problems and Solutions
A public lecture by Michael D'Aleo held July 5, 2009 at Stonehill College, Easton, MA, (as part of the RSI summer program on Social, Cultural and Ecological Renewal). This lecture introduced a week-long intensive course designed to help create a renewed and healthier relationship between our self and our environment.

One World - A new approach to being on earth
A five-day SENSRI workshop integrating inner and outer aspects of life, creating One World for the benefit of humanity and the environment. The upcoming One World course is designed for older high school students, and will be offered at our retreat center in the Adirondack Mountains January 2-6, 2007. For some reflections on this program you can read more here. For information about adult One World programs, please email or call. A one page description of the course is provided here.

Teaching Sensible Science
A sequence taught on the West Coast (Fair Oaks, CA) has ended, and a new cycle started in the East. For information about upcoming courses see our Education section. For an article about an earlier session click here.

SENSRI Septennial Celebration.
November 16, 2006, 6-9 pm, Saratoga Springs, NY. Celebrate with us and learn about SENSRI's work. This evening event celebrated the seventh anniversary of SENSRI, and featured an update of what SENSRI is doing, discussion, food, and music. Michael D'Aleo offered some thoughts on the need for a new approach to integrating humanity and our environment. His essay based on this talk, The New Environmental Aesthetic, is available here.

Astronomy from a human perspective
Tuesday evenings, Oct 17 - Nov 28., 2006
Finding your relationship to the cosmos. Through a series of guided observations and presentations, participants will see and understand the rhythms of the cosmos. We also will develop an appreciation for the relationships that are uniquely expressed in each historical view of the cosmos. To see the full course description click here: more —>>

Teaching Sensible Science.
Second Session: October 4 - October 9, 2006, Saratoga Springs, NY.
This is the continuation of an annual course for teachers. Download a full course description and Registration form here- TSS.pdf