It's Possible ITS POSSIBLE (On Truly knowing Life)

It's possible.

Many have begun
Some have abandoned the effort
Others hope it will simply go away.
No one has finished.

So why begin?

It's possible

That to truly begin is the biggest step
That is ever asked of you
To give more
To keep less
Than you ever thought is possible.

It's possible

That some have suffered greatly
Others have lost much
And you will find
That this whole endeavor asked more
Than you ever thought was possible.

It's possible

That those who turn a blind eye
To all that is asked
Never have to change
And in doing so
Become the death
They had hoped to avoid.

It is possible.

So now
As you embark
On something you don't truly know
But sense is full of life
And you wonder
If for you
It is possible?

It is Possible

It truly is Possible

by Michael D'Aleo February 11, 2015