A New Love

A New Love

There is a new love of the heart
Waiting to be born.
      It begins
      Where the wells of sentiment run dry.

      Forged in the fire of courage,
      It seeks not to be safe,
      But to explore.

      It longs to know what is.
      To see what is true beyond -
      Your own being.
      Reflected in the moment
      The wisdom of the Cosmos
      Is where the true answers lie.

      But when the mirror cracks
      When your self-image shatters
      Know -
      Know then -
      Only then -
      It is possible
      For the deepest love within you to be born.

      It is the fractures
      Within your life
      The ones we think
      Will never heal.
      It is at this moment
      That you realize
      Your entire life
      Was simply a preparation
      For this present event.

      It is in this courageous knowing
      Of this simple truth
      That you choose to share
      The gift
      That only your heart
      Can bring.

      In this moment
      The last bit of fear -
Is released.

And you and the world
Truly become what is - a new way of being.
It is -
This is -
The new love.

by Michael D'Aleo, May 29, 2015, Vancouver B.C.